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Where Can You Go With a Question or Concern?

The first essential step is to go to the immediate source and establish the facts. Please follow the steps below. The staff and administration are concerned and want to resolve problems in the most expedient manner possible.

First Step


Questions or concerns regarding instructional practices in your child's classroom should first be directed to his/her classroom teacher during a scheduled meeting or via a telephone conversation.
Second Step

Building Principal

If more information is needed or you still have questions and/or concerns, a discussion should be scheduled with your child's principal.
Third Step Program Director

Special Education



Community Education

If further information is needed or if questions or concerns are not resolved at the principal level, a contact should be made with the appropriate director.

Fourth Step Deputy Superintendent


If questions still persist after contacting the appropriate director, please direct your concerns to an Associate Superintendent.

Fifth Step Superintendent

A conference with the Superintendent of Schools is most appropriately made if questions or concerns have not been adequately addressed at earlier levels.

Sixth Step Board of Education

The last level of contact with the district about a question or concern is the Board of Education. Please notify the Superintendent's Office if you plan to appeal directly to the Board. An agenda item entitled "Public Participation" will allow you a five-minute presentation to the Board.