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  • LP Parent Assistance & Engagement Center

Leadership Team

Todd Schoppe
Director, Parent Assistance & Engagement

Maggie Pacheco
Secretary to Director

Parent Assistance & Engagement in La Porte ISD

Creating Partnerships Fostering Student Success!

The La Porte Independent School District Parent Assistance and Engagement Center is here to: 

  • Help families answer questions  
  • Provide support when issues may arise 
  • Encourage student attendance and enrollment 
  • Empower families in the learning of their children at home 

Every student’s success is our number one priority, and the Parent Assistance and Engagement Center was developed to help parents with needs, questions, and/or concerns pertaining to their children who attend La Porte ISD. In addition, we work with families on student attendance and enrollment through the application of home visits throughout the year. We will work closely with parents and school level administrators to ensure decisions are made with the best interest of all students in mind. 

When to contact the Parent Assistance and Engagement Center 

Most issues or concerns occur at the campus level. These issues should first be addressed at the campus level with the teacher, counselor, assistant principal, or principal. Additionally, LPISD School Board Policy requires that each issue be addressed at the level closest to the matter first. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to resolve an issue or there may be times when the school is unable to honor a request. LPISD appreciates parents who work to maintain a positive relationship with the school despite concerns. The Director of Parent Assistance and Engagement can assist as a neutral party to assure that student and/or parent concerns are fully considered. 

Depending on the issue, other administrative staff may also become involved. As a rule, neither the director of Parent Assistance and Engagement nor the superintendent substitutes their judgment for that of the building principal for campus level decisions within his or her authority. 

How to Reach Us

If you have completed the steps to try and resolve your issue at the school level first, you are welcome to contact the Parent Assistance an Engagement Center personnel below: