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Thank you for your interest in the La Porte ISD H.E.L.P.S. Mentoring Program for 2023-24!

  1. Consistent 30 minute meetings, every week that we can be on campuses during your student’s lunch time. You are welcome to bring lunch for the both of you or buy lunch for yourself at the campus. Weekly meetings – and if you can’t make it on your assigned day, communicating with your campus so they can let the student know not to expect you but also share when you have rescheduled your meeting for. We do NOT expect perfect attendance, but we expect you will make every effort to be there 75% of the available time campuses are available.
  2. Participate in mentor training sessions 2-3 times per school year
  3. Meeting all LPISD and Campus guidelines for campus conduct
  4. Creating a safe space for your student to experience warm, supportive encouragement from a caring adult
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