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District Rationale 

La Porte Independent School District (LPISD) is embarking on a strategic journey to actively participate in the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), a decision rooted in the desire to seamlessly integrate this initiative with the district's core strategic goals, ultimately aiming to elevate the quality of education for our students. One of La Porte ISD's central strategic objectives, highlighted in Goal 3, is to attract, develop, and retain excellent staff. This encompasses recruiting highly qualified educators and nurturing professional growth in LPISD. By participating in TIA, La Porte ISD not only showcases its commitment to excellence in education but also makes itself an enticing destination for top-tier educators. In doing so, the district is better poised to attract, develop, and, most importantly, retain these effective teachers who are indispensable for student success. 

Recognizing that effective teaching is at the core of student success, La Porte ISD, in alignment with Goal 1, is keenly aware of the need to ensure that every student is exposed to high-quality instruction. TIA addresses this challenge directly, emphasizing financial incentives for teachers working in challenging environments. This strategic move ensures that high-need campuses have access to the very best educators. By providing additional compensation, La Porte ISD guarantees that every student, regardless of their background, has equitable access to high-quality instruction. 

La Porte ISD's decision to embrace TIA is firmly grounded in a profound commitment to our strategic goals. This is not a casual adoption but a strategic move that involves a deep understanding of how TIA can support our district's mission and vision based on our strategic goals. 

Goal 1 (Increasing Student Achievement and Success): The presence of effective teachers, nurtured by TIA, directly contributes to improved student achievement and overall success. 

Goal 2 (Providing a Safe, Secure, and Disciplined Learning Environment): TIA supports this objective by ensuring that effective teachers are readily available at high-need campuses. This, in turn, contributes to a safer and more disciplined learning environment. 

Goal 3 (Attract, Develop, and Retain Excellent Staff): TIA is a direct driver of this goal, providing financial incentives to attract and retain high-quality teachers. 

Goal 4 (Promoting Family Engagement and Community Involvement): The expected improvement in student achievement, stemming from effective teaching, is likely to result in increased family and community engagement, as parents and the community are more inclined to participate in their children's education. 

La Porte ISD's strategic decision to participate in the Teacher Incentive Allotment is not merely a step but a giant leap toward excellence in education. The district's vision, grounded in its strategic goals, seeks to foster teacher retention and recruitment, elevate the learning environment, strengthen family and community engagement, and optimize the efficient use of district resources. This journey is not just about meeting targets but about exceeding them, ultimately in the service of providing the highest quality education to its students. La Porte ISD's proactive stance in participating reflects our unwavering commitment to the future success of LPISD students and our LP community

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House Bill (HB) 3 was passed by the 86th Texas Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Abbott on June 11, 2019. The bill established the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) program. The TIA has a stated goal of a highly competitive salary for teachers who prioritize teaching in high needs areas and rural district campuses. The program is dedicated to recruiting, supporting and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools, with particular emphasis on high need and rural schools. Districts, if they choose to, can develop a local designation system and designate high-performing teachers (Master, Exemplary or Recognized). Districts will receive additional funding ($3,000-$32,000 per year) for every designated teacher they employ.

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