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COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Student Process Map

La Porte ISD, through CDC and TEA guidelines, has processes in place to help ensure everyone's health and safety during the pandemic. The following link includes a detailed chart those processes.

Student Process Map for COVID-19 
A similar Employee Process Map for COVID-19 can be downloaded here.

COVID-19 Student Daily Screener


COVID-19 Chequeo Diario de Estudiante

Download the COVID-19 Daily Student Screener  Descargar COVID-19 Chequeo Diario de Estudiante

COVID-19: Educational Rights & Responsibilities COVID-19 Derechos y Responsabilidades de la educación

2020-21 Reopening Plan (updated 9/18/20)


Virtual Learning Student-Parent Handbook

2020-21 Virtual Learning Student-Parent Handbook

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