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Business Office

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Lesli Atkins

Purchasing Specialist/CFO Secretary

Gwendolyn Bradley

Coordinator, Accounting

George Crandall

Director of Finance

Susan Dill

Accounts Payable Specialist

Julia Hutchins

Home Access Center/Student Support

Guadalupe Lara

Benefits Specialist


Purchasing/Contracts Coordinator

Stacey McDowell

Chief Financial Officer



Cynthia Monteilh

Payroll Specialist


Devin Dozier

Communications Coordinator

Adam J. Holland

Director, Communications & Community Relations

Amy Lott

Secretary, Director of Communications


Media Services Technician

Esther Villatoro

District Receptionist


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Julie Abram

Executive Director of Teaching and Professional Learning

Janci Alfaro

Coordinator, Social Emotional Learning & Student Wellness

Justin Bedford

Coordinator Data/Analysis

Dr. Rebecca Brown

Deputy Superintendent of Academics

Carrie Brunn

Instructional Coach, Social Studies Secondary

Matthew Burke

Director, Performing and Visual Arts

Erin Cameron-Webb

Crisis Counselor

Shannon Fanning

STEM Facilitator

Jennifer Green

Director, Research & Accountability

Meridith Halbardier

Instructional Coach, ELA/Elementary PK-2

Human Resources

Meagan Bergeron

Human Resources Specialist

Patricia Gonzalez

HR Specialist

Joy Nolin

Human Resources Specialist

Manuela Paz

Coordinator, Human Resources

Dr. William Rhodes

Director, Human Resources

Angela Viator

Executive Director of Human Resources


Shelli Boren

Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent of Academics

Dr. Dustin Bromley

Deputy Superintendent of Administration and Support Services

Dr. Rebecca Brown

Deputy Superintendent of Academics

Ruth Garcia

Secretary to Deputy Superintendent of Administration and Support Services

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools

Candace Olivares

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Board