Staff Directory

Business Office

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Lesli Atkins

Purchasing Specialist/CFO Secretary

Sheila Cantu

Director of Finance

Rhonda Cumbie

Chief Financial Officer

Victor Garza

Database Administrator II

Julia Hutchins

Home Access Center/Employee Access

Scott Kohler


Guadalupe Lara

Benefits Specialist

Lynley Marlar

Purchasing/Contracts Coordinator

Jacqueline McGee


Cynthia Monteilh

Payroll Specialist


Kimberly Culver

Communications Coordinator

Rebecca Debbrecht

Print Shop Technician

Adam Holland


Luisa Rodriguez


Diana Solis

Secretary to the Communications Director


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Cynthia Anderson

Executive Director of Special Programs

Shelli Boren

Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent

Matthew Burke

Performing and Visual Arts Director

Jennifer Green

Director of Special Programs

Dr. Vonn Murray

Executive Director of State/Federal Programs & Assessment

Marilyn Neumann

Secretary to the Performing and Visual Arts Director

Carmen Rodriguez

Secretary to the directors of Elementary and Secondary Education

Danette Tilley

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Brenda Vojacek

Secretary to the Executive Director of State & Federal Programs & Assessment

Human Resources

Meagan Bergeron

Human Resources Specialist

Susan Julian

Human Resources Director

Joy Nolin

Human Resources Specialist

Tina Pettis

Human Resources Specialist

Aleida Ramirez

Human Resources Specialist

Angela Viator

Executive Director of Human Resources


Michael Clausen

Deputy Superintendent

Lloyd Graham


Linda Wadleigh

Deputy Superintendent