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Adam J. Holland

Thirty-six La Porte High School students, including eight recent graduates, have been named as 2023 AP Scholars. 


The honor recognizes high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college-level achievement through their performance on multiple AP exams, according to information from the College Board. The AP Program announces the honorees each fall.  

"These awards are a great honor,” La Porte High School Principal Carlin Grammer said. “We are extremely proud of the work and dedication that these students have put forth to earn these recognitions.” 

Added Julie Abram, La Porte ISD’s executive director of teaching and learning “The AP Program and the AP course offerings are a rigorous demonstration of college-level learning.  The level of learning our students achieve to earn some of the best scores on AP exams is incredibly high. For them to also earn AP Scholar awards in addition is just a testament to the quality of our programs and the talent of our students.”

The 36 honors for 2023 are the most awarded at La Porte High School in at least four years. 

Student Name              Grade Level                                                      Scholar Award

Ana Alvarado                 10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Moaz Chatta                  10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Xavier Collins                10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Natalie Gamble             10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Lucas Halbardier           10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Nadia Olson                  10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Abigail Powers              10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Lillian Woolard              10 (Current 11)                                                 AP Scholar

Francesco Bitetto         11 (Current 12)                                                 AP Scholar

Ender Burris                 11 (Current 12)                                                 AP Scholar

Ava Espinosa               11 (Current 12)                                                 AP Scholar

Aixa Garcia                  11 (Current 12)                                                 AP Scholar

Ronan Marlar               11 (Current 12)                                                AP Scholar

Yasmine Mohammed   11 (Current 12)                                                AP Scholar

Lynn Nguyen                11 (Current 12)                                               AP Scholar

Angelica Ontiveros       11 (Current 12)                                               AP Scholar

Daniel Ortiz                  11 (Current 12)                                               AP Scholar

Aubrey Slaton              11 (Current 12)                                               AP Scholar

Kira Boznango             12 (Graduate)                                                AP Scholar

Victor Salinas               12 (Graduate)                                                AP Scholar

Joseph Sommer           12 (Graduate)                                               AP Scholar

Ivan Toledo                   12 (Graduate)                                               AP Scholar

Alexis Torres                 12 (Graduate)                                              AP Scholar

Amey Willis                   11 (Current 12)                                            AP Scholar

Liz Olvera                     10 (Current 11)                                            AP Scholar with Honor

David Lara                    11 (Current 12)                                           AP Scholar with Honor

Lauranh Nguyen           11 (Current 12)                                           AP Scholar with Honor

Jacob  Joji                    12 (Graduate)                                             AP Scholar with Honor

Brooklyn Waller           11 (Current 12)                                            AP Scholar with Honor

Jenna Leslie                12 (Graduate)                                              AP Scholar with Distinction

Jorge Venegas            12 (Graduate)                                              AP Scholar with Distinction

Ender Burris                11 (Current 12)                                            AP Seminar and Research Certificate

Ava Espinosa              11 (Current 12)                                            AP Seminar and Research Certificate

Annalise Owen            11 (Current 12)                                            AP Seminar and Research Certificate

Amey Willis                 11 (Current 12)                                            AP Seminar and Research Certificate

Jorge Venegas            12 (Graduate)                                             AP Capstone Diploma




Awards and Criteria 


AP Scholar – Student scores 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. 


AP Scholar w/ Honor – Student scores average of at least 3.25 on all AP exams & scores of 3 or higher on four or more exams 


AP Scholar w/ Distinction – Student scores average of at least 3.5 on all AP exams, and scores 3 or higher on five or more of these exams 


AP Seminar and Research – Student completes rigorous AP Seminar and Research courses, including an extensive study on a topic approved by La Porte ISD Institutional Review Board, and must score of 3 or higher in both classes. 


AP Capstone Diploma – Student earns scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research and on 4 additional AP Exams.