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Adam Holland

La Porte ISD employees will receive a 4 percent salary increase, after the Board of Trustees on June 23 approved the 2021-22 budget.


The Board also approved an increase in the district’s contribution toward TRS Active Care, the employee health insurance plan, to $400 monthly for employees who participate.

Raises will be calculated from each specific salary and are effective in July for qualifying employees. Twelve-month employees will receive the pay increase reflected in their June 30 pay; employees who work 10 and 11 months will see the increase on their July 31 paycheck.

The overall proposed tax rate for fiscal year 2022 is $1.25691 per $100 of assessed property value, $1.03970 of which is for maintenance and operations and $0.21721 for debt service.

Maintenance and operations funds are used for everyday business within the school district – everything from salaries and textbooks, to transportation and utility costs. The debt service portion is used to pay for interest and principal payments on debt from bond issues.



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