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Adam Holland


Eligible La Porte ISD employees will receive a 3 percent salary increase in the 2022-23 school year under a compensation plan approved unanimously by the Board of Trustees on Tuesday.

The Board also approved a one-time retention stipend for employees with one or more years of service to the district. 

The pay increase will be based on each individual’s overall salary. 

Under the stipend plan, employees with one to five years of service to La Porte ISD will receive $1,000; employees with six to ten years of service will receive $2,000; employees with 11 or more years of service will receive $3,000.  

The stipends will be paid in two installments – in November and April.  

Employees who are eligible for the raise are those who have met evaluation expectations for their positions and have been employed with La Porte ISD for at least one creditable year of service as per Teacher Retirement System rules.   

Twelve-month employees will see this raise beginning with their June 30 paychecks, while all other employees will begin receiving it on their July 29 paycheck.