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Adam J. Holland


The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Show’s Hayloft Gallery at NRG Arena will feature eight works of art by La Porte ISD students in 2024.  

Students from La Porte High School, La Porte Jr. High School and Leo A. Rizzuto Elementary schools earned Best of Show awards for their respective age categories in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Show. Artists from La Porte High School, La Porte Jr. High and Jennie Reid Elementary are represented in the Gold Medal category. La Porte High School was additionally recognized with a Special Merit ribbon.  

Each January, schools across the Greater Houston area compete in the Rodeo School Art Program, with judging taking place at the district level. All work is eligible for the show’s School Art Auction, according to the Rodeo Houston website.   

Best of Show 
"The Fief Mocking" by Payton Griggs, La Porte High School 
 "Idle Horizon" by Reiya Miller, La Porte Junior High 
 "The Good Ending" by Colton Stout, Rizzuto Elementary School 

Gold Medal 
"See you Cowgirl, Someday, Somewhere" by Claire Underwood, La Porte High School 
"The Divine Rattle" by Alina Ozuna, La Porte High School 
"The Wild One" by Aleyha Ramkissoon, La Porte Junior High 
"Boots in the Grass" by April Brignac, Jennie Reid Elementary School 

Special Merit 
"Bluebonnet" by Nicole Haywood, La Porte High School 

Rodeo Finalists 

"The Special Highland Cow" by Olivia Cox, Bayshore Elementary School 
"Old Picture" by Aaron Anderson, Jennie Reid Elementary 
"Boot of Texas" by Penelope Broadrick, Rizzuto Elementary School 
"Cowboy Time" by Noel Garcia, Rizzuto Elementary School 
Junior High 
"High Horse" by Zoe Lucas, La Porte Junior High School 
"Earl" by Zarah Moreno, La Porte Junior High School 
"Life in the Dessert" by Ava Cotton, Baker 6th Grade Campus 
"Ranch Hand" by Carter Chavez, Baker 6th Grade Campus 
High School 
"Sleeping on the Job" by Yasmine Mohammad, La Porte High School 
"Memories" by Arlyn Garza, La Porte High School 
"Free Range" by Kimberly Aguayo, The Academy of Viola DeWalt High School 
"Precious" by Calista Beck, La Porte High School 
"A Girl's Best Friend" by Lorelai Vining, La Porte High School 
"A Friendly Visit" by Nathan Bui, La Porte High School 
"Back in the Day" by Juan Cruz, La Porte High School 
"Take A Trip!" by Chasidy Vaughn, La Porte High School 
"Southern Sunflower" by Taylor Rodriguez, La Porte High School 
"Southern Memories" by Noah Thornton, La Porte High School 
"Pinto Pintado" by Carla Bermejo, La Porte High School 
"Mei Moment" by Amariss Torres, La Porte High School 
"Eyes on you" by Allison Bravo, La Porte High School 
"Natural Side Eye" by Isabella Fernandez, La Porte High School 
"Sunset Pasture" by Savonya Collins, La Porte High School 
"The Sentiment of the Setting Suns" by Khloie Simpson, La Porte High School 
"Horse in Vermillion" by Heavenly Colinga, La Porte High School 
"Confused Horse" by Athian Aguilar, La Porte High School 


Christina Todaro is the art teacher for the La Porte High School winners; Amanda Mattox teaches art at La Porte Jr. High; Jennifer Arisco and Mona Gibbs teach art at Jennie Reid and Leo A. Rizzuto, respectively.  

Click here to see a gallery of the 2024 La Porte ISD Rodeo Art Show Winners.