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Adam Holland

Leo A. Rizzuto Elementary has been named to the 2019-20 Education Results Partnership Honor Roll for high achievement and student success. It’s the third consecutive year the campus has been tapped for the honor. 

The program, sponsored by the Institute for Productivity in Education, is part of a national effort to identify higher-performing schools and districts that are improving student outcomes.   

“What an honor for our staff and students to be recognized for their hard work and dedication for the third year in a row,” Rizzuto Principal Deanna Narcisse said. “I am so proud of their effort and for having such high expectations for our students.”  

Rizzuto received recognition for demonstrating consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time, and a reduction in achievement gaps among student populations. 

“After an extensive analysis of student data for every public school in Texas, Leo A. Rizzuto Elementary School was a clear leader in getting students to grade-level and beyond,” said Dr. James S. Lanich, president and CEO of the Educational Results Partnership.   

In Texas, the ERP Honor Roll program is supported by numerous businesses and organizations, including the Texas Business Leadership Council, American Automobile Association and Chevron Corporation.