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Adam Holland

The 2021 Region 19 Choir will feature the vocals of four La Porte High School singers.


Senior choir members Kathleen Sims and Emma Thompson qualified for the All-Region Mixed Choir; Senior Ethan White and sophomore Whiwhikiterangi Cheesbro were named to the Region Mixed Choir and qualified to audition for the Pre-Area Choir.  

The students auditioned alongside other singers from the region on Nov. 1 at Pasadena Memorial High School. They are set to perform in a concert with other honorees on November 13 at Deer Park High School South.

Pre-Area Choir auditions are set for December 2.

The La Porte High School Choir will hold its annual Winter Concert at 7 p.m. on Dec. 3 at Sonja Angelo Theater, on the high school campus.

Bryan Sutherland directs the La Porte High School Choir.