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Adam Holland

The La Porte ISD Nutrition Department has been honored with a Best of the Bunch award for its participation in the 2021 Spring Farm Fresh Challenge, sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  

The challenge encourages schools to serve locally sourced food products to children. This is the third straight year that La Porte ISD participated in the statewide initiative by serving such items as locally grown spinach, rainbow carrots and sweet potatoes. 

“Working with our local partners is a win-win for them and the students of La Porte ISD,” said Ralph Wilkins, school nutrition coordinator. “This year’s challenge was made far more difficult due to the winter storm, and we’re grateful that we were able to support several local farmers who were severely impacted.”   

TDA delayed the start of the challenge to allow agricultural producers a chance to assess product availability after winter storms. Schools and childcare centers were encouraged to use these current events in their lessons about the hard work and dedication required to bring food to the table.  

“The La Porte ISD Nutrition Department takes pride in serving locally produced foods, and we are looking forward to the 2021-22 challenge.”