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Distinguished Alumni/Citizens

The Distinguished Alumni Award- All graduates of La Porte ISD or George Washington Carver High School shall be nominated in the Distinguished Alumni category and may not be nominated within ten (10) years of graduation. Any individual who (1) graduated from George Washington Carver High School; (2) was employed by La Porte ISD and George Washington Carver High; or (3) was a trustee of the La Porte ISD School Board of Trustees is also eligible as an alumni.

The Distinguished Citizen Award - The recipient must have made a significant, positive impact on La Porte ISD; must be distinguished in his or her business, profession, life work or other worthy endeavor; and must be an individual of such integrity, stature and demonstrated ability that the award will reflect honor on the school district and create a sense of pride among the members of the community.

The nominating period for the 2023 Distinguished Alumni & Citizens class is closed. 
2023 Distinguished Alumni/Citizens Nomination Form