2023 Bond Exploration

La Porte Bond 2023

Welcome to La Porte ISD’s 2023 Bond Exploration page. 

We want our students to have an advantage in life through a cutting-edge, world-class education system, and we are exploring program expansions to accomplish that mission. For example, we would like to broaden our STEM program to include all elementary students. Why? Quite simply, STEM careers are the future workforce, and providing our elementary students with a strong foundation would lead to more advanced STEM learning as they reach junior high and high school.  

Though we get as much lifespan as possible from things such as school buses and chillers (climate control), there comes a time when they need to be replaced.  Along those lines, we are in need of numerous infrastructural updates, preventative maintenance projects and replacements – things like student laptops, playground equipment, fine arts uniforms and instruments, and yes, chillers and school buses.  All of these needs would have to be paid for through bond funds because school districts generally don’t receive enough traditional funding to cover such large-scale capital projects.

Several of our neighboring school districts have recently called for and passed bond elections. This is important to know because we live in a highly competitive world—parents have choices for where they will live and send their child to school, and sometimes those choices are centered on our ability to offer world-class education for students in a safe and healthy learning environment.

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Bond Exploration: A discussion with Superintendent Dr. Walter Jackson.