March Menus


*Bayshore, College Park, La Porte Elementary    ^Heritage, Jennie Reid, Rizzuto, Lomax Elementary

Junior High

Breakfast Meal Prices

Pre-K through 12th Grade:

Reduced is $.30, Paid is $1.25

Adult breakfast is $2.00

Lunch Meal Prices

Reduced is $.40 (Pre-K through 12th grade)

Paid is $2.25 (Pre-K - 8th)

Paid is $2.50 (9th – 12th)

Adult lunch is $4.10

Meal Accounts

All enrolled students have access to their meal accounts with their 5 or 6-digit student identification number. Parents may contact the campus office or the Nutrition office for the ID number. Parents may also set limits on student accounts by contacting their campus nutrition manager with the restrictions.

Payment Procedures

Money may be deposited into student accounts via cash or check. Make checks payable to LPISD School Nutrition.  Checks must include a driver’s license number written on the front along with the student’s name and ID number written on the memo line.  Checks returned due to insufficient funds are processed by Envision Payment Solutions which results in a $30.00 processing fee and checks from the household will not be accepted for the remainder of the school year. To clear checks, Envision Payment Solutions may be contacted at 1-877-290-5460.

Parents may prepay online with a credit card or debit card and manage their student’s account at www.myschoolbucks.com.  Parents will be able to view purchases and balances, and set up low balance email alerts. There is a nominal fee for making deposits through this service.  Parents will need the student ID number and student name as it appears in the computer system to register with www.myschoolbucks.com online service.

Student Charges 

The School Nutrition Department will allow students without money for meals to charge up to the value of 10 days of meals for grades PK-6, and 5 days of meals for grades 7-12. Once this charge limit has been exceeded, the cafeteria will provide the student with a complimentary meal.  Students are not allowed to charge a la carte items nor will be allowed to purchase a la carte items if they have a negative account balance.  When a student’s account is low, the cashier gives the student a notice to take home to parents. The cafeteria manager will call the household if no payment has been made after two notices. The district’s automated phone calling system notifies households weekly to inform them of negative balances.

Menus are Subject to Change

Due to abrupt vendor shortages and supply chain disruptions, please note that menus are subject to change without notice. However, we do our utmost to update online menus as we are made aware of disruptions. We also notify campus front offices of upcoming changes so that announcements can be made. For these reasons, we recommend referring to the menus online rather than a printed copy. Please rest assured knowing that despite a volatile supply environment, we are providing healthy, delicious meals with a variety of entree and side options each and every day.