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Board of Trustees

Welcome from the La Porte ISD School Board

We hope you find this information about the La Porte Independent School District's Board of Trustees helpful. Although the State of Texas implements educational policies as prescribed by law, the local school board has been delegated much of the responsibility for educating the youth of this state. Locally elected school boards are political subdivisions carrying out a state function and have significant latitude in governing the schools while following state and federal laws.

Our school board epitomizes representative and participatory government - citizens elected from the community making decisions about educational programs based upon community needs, values and expectations. Not only does the board reflect the public desires, it translates the needs of students into policies, plans and goals that will be supported by the community.

Each individual in our community offers a unique view into our community's diverse needs and interests. We encourage you to attend our regular meetings to share your views and insights. Public participation and open lines of communication are critical in providing the kind of education we all want for the children in our 7,000-plus student school district.


Hanks noHiggins

Danny Hanks - President
Position 2 (2023-26) 


Russell Schoppe

Russell Schoppe
Vice President
Position 1 (2023-26)

Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin
Position 4 (2021-24)




Melissa Crutcher -Trustee
Position 6 (2022-25)



David Janda - Trustee
Position 5 (2021-24)


Mason Peres

Mason Peres - Trustee
Position 3 (2023-26)



Dee Anne Thomson

Dee Anne Thomson - Trustee
Position 7 (2022-25)