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School Safety Survey

FOREWARD by Mike Clausen

Keeping our children safe while attending school is the top priority for our district and each campus. We constantly work to make sure any hazard that can hurt students or disrupt the learning process is eliminated. As we strive to make the learning environment secure, we also recognize the important role parents play when they engage students and educators about how to make our schools safer. Working together we can uncover issues and concerns so that we can then focus on solutions.

La Porte ISD is taking an active step in engaging with our parents and students by distributing this very special publication. Talking to Kids About School Safety is a structured questionnaire to help adults navigate a discussion with children about the challenges and their own perceptions of their school environment.  Developed by the National School Safety Center, this activity can be used to implement appropriate intervention programs and training, but more importantly it provides a framework for a dialogue between you and your child about this very important topic.

We invite you and your children to complete the Talking to Kids About School Safety activity at home. By doing this you are able to uncover and record how your children feel about their safety in and around school, while answering from safety and comfort of the home environment. Completing this activity will send a clear message to your child that you care and are committed to their safety and may uncover concerns that your children may not have yet shared.

Whether you decide to share your results with the school leaders or not is up to you. We encourage you to share any issues of concern with your children’s teacher or principal so that families and educators can work together to address any problems. Your feedback and that of your children will be kept in the highest confidence. Helping your children feel safe in school creates the environment necessary for students to achieve the highest possible level of academic and social success.

Please take the time to complete this activity with your children. It is ideal for kids in the 5th – 12th grades, but it can also be used with younger children provided that you explain each question and answer choice carefully.  Start the conversation in your home and share your findings with your child’s school.  Working together, we can make a difference!

Mike Clausen

Please take the time to take the School Safety Student Survey!