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Bus Stop Information

Versatrans eLink is an online student transportation information portal that allows parents to stay informed about transportation issues, such as where their children should wait for the bus, bus number and arrival time. In addition, school staff, including registrars and secretaries, can use eLink to retrieve bus stop information for new students. Plus, the information in eLink is secure and password protected, with authorized users having access only to data relevant to their status and needs.
Click here to view an eLink presentation that shows how it works from our end.
NOTE: If you are logging in for the first time, you will need your student's school ID number to access this application. Your Family ID number is the phone number (##########) you provided to your respective campus during registration and is used for both the user name and password. If you are unsure which phone number you provided during registration, please contact the Transportation Department at 281-604-7177.

My Stop is a phone/tablet app that provides live GPS information using smartphones, tablets or computers to view the current location of your child’s bus on a route. My Stop also provides the bus’s estimated time of arrival (ETA) at your child’s bus stop.  Additionally, My Stop will allow the transportation department to text parents or guardians regarding route modifications, bus changes and/or delays. The Versatrans My Stop app is available for download for iPhone, Android phones, and tablets. 

A username (student id) and password will be required to use the app. Use the following logon credentials for your child:


·         Username (Student ID):

·         Password: (Your student’s DOB mmddyyyy):

Once logged into the app, a city map of La Porte will be displayed on your phone and/or tablet.  Your child’s name will appear above the map in the upper left hand corner. By touching the child’s name it will give you a list of all your children that attend LPISD. 

The map uses GPS to show your child’s bus coming to your stop so you can have your child ready when it arrives. It will also show the bus coming for drop off after school. You will be able to see if the bus has already been to your bus stop as well.

Keep in mind, My Stop will only provide GPS information when the bus is running a scheduled route.  If the bus is not running, you will see a message near the bottom of the screen saying, “No active routes found”. 

Should you have any questions and/or concerns please do not hesitate to call, 281-604-7174.

Triptracker - Let's schedule a field trip.
From initial request through invoicing, district personnel can easily manage all aspects of the field trip process with Versatrans Triptracker. This powerful Web-based school field trip scheduling and management software solution is packed with features, including automated e-mail notifications and a user-defined approval process. With Triptracker, school staff and district personnel can better maximize valuable resources every day.
Onscreen - GPS map of all district buses.
VersaTrans OnScreen enables district employees to follow the entire district bus fleet when the buses roll. Its web-based user interface is both flexible and user-friendly and provides a variety of options for monitoring driver, bus, and route activity that are critical in ensuring safety and efficiency. With VersaTrans OnScreen, district personnel can monitor bus and driver activity, and review student, driver, and route ridership information from anywhere on the Internet.