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Homebound Services

Texas public schools are responsible for providing equal educational opportunities for each school-age child within their local district.  The LPISD Homebound Program is one means of providing a continuation of educational instruction for pupils who, because of serious illnesses, accidents, or other justifiable conditions, are unable to attend a regular or special education classroom. 
Homebound Options
Full-Time Homebound - The student's medical condition is so severe that the student is confined to the home or hospital bedside for a minimum of four consecutive weeks.
Intermittent Homebound - The student is able to attend school periodically but is expected to be confined at the home or hospital bedside for a minimum of  20 school days throughout the school year.  Intermittent homebound services may also be used as a transition back into  full-time school attendance as appropriate.
Homebound instruction is designed to help those students unable to attend school due to a medical condition and is a cooperative process between the school, the home, and your child's physician.  If you and your physician feel your son or daughter may need homebound instructional services, please contact your child's school counselor to begin the evaluation process.
Please keep in mind these important points about the LPISD Homebound Program:
  1. The student may be served in their home or at the hospital if the hospital is within the boundaries of the La Porte Independent School District.
  2. If the student is confined to a hospital outside of LPISD boundaries, the parent should contact the hospital to inquire what educational services are available.
  3. The student's General Educational Homebound committee or  ARD/IEP committee for students with disabilities will determine what services will be provided. If you believe these services need to be changed,  please contact the homebound teacher assigned to your child or your child's counselor.
  1. In most cases, for students receiving General Education Homebound instruction, all of the classes that the student is enrolled in will be covered in Homebound.  For students receiving special education services, the ARD committee for students with disabilities will determine the scope of instructional services.
  2. Please keep in mind that curriculum for Advanced Placement or other advanced classes and some CTE electives, are difficult to implement through the homebound setting.  In some cases, the student's homebound committee may recommend a change in schedule to better fit the needs of the student during homebound instruction.  Dual credit courses taken outside of LPISD (such as San Jacinto College) will not be covered in homebound instruction.
Parent Responsibilities Before Instruction Begins
  1. Contact the student's counselor to request Homebound Instruction.
  2. Complete "Parent Request for Homebound Placement" form obtained from the counselor.
  3. Complete "Authorization For Release of Confidential Information"  form obtained from the counselor.
  4. Have physician complete "Homebound Needs Assessment, Physician’s Referral to Homebound" form.
  5. Once the above forms have been successfully completed and returned to the counselor, a Homebound Intake meeting or ARD/IEP meeting will be scheduled to include the parent, counselor, homebound instructor, and classroom teacher to determine the student's eligibility to the program.
Parent Responsibilities for Instruction in the Home
  1. Prepare and have ready an area in the home that is conducive to learning (safe, smoke-free, quiet, clean, comfortable, and relatively private).  At the homebound teacher's discretion, the session may be terminated if safety is determined to be an issue.
  2. Keep all pets on a leash or enclosed in a separate area before the homebound teacher arrives and until he/she leaves.
  3. Ensure that an adult, 18 years or older, is in the home during homebound services.  Any adult in the home must refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances during homebound services.
  4. Monitor the student's independent work assignments (homework) and provide assistance as needed.  Encourage your child to stay current with all assignments.
  5. Notify the homebound teacher as soon as possible when a session is to be canceled to prevent the teacher from making an unnecessary trip.
  6. Notify the homebound teacher if there is any contagious illness such as flu, chicken pox, etc., in the home, whether it is the student or other family member.  This includes fevers of 101 degrees or above, vomiting, diarrhea, or strep infections.  In such cases, the homebound teacher will be unable to meet with the student, but may be able to deliver work for the student to complete.
  7. Provide a note within three days of when the parent/student is unable to schedule homebound services or cancels a scheduled session, indicating the dates and reason for absence.
  8. For students on Intermittent Homebound, contact the homebound teacher when the student is out of school and will miss two or more days. Homebound services will then be scheduled.
  9. During homebound services, the student should be confined to the home and therefore will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities or work outside the home.
  1. Homebound services are to be scheduled during regular school hours and school calendar days.
  2. Students served at home earn eligible days present based on the number of hours the student is served at home by the homebound program each week.  Each hour of homebound instruction equals one day of attendance credit; four or more hours of instruction in a week is equal to five days of attendance during a five day week and four days of attendance in a four day week. Students receive a minimum of four hours of homebound instruction per week.
  3. If a student/parent does not schedule homebound services or cancels a scheduled session, the student will be reported absent according to TEA attendance guidelines and district procedures as outlined in the student handbook.
  4. Students are expected to return to their campus at the date determined by the GEH or ARD/IEP Committee for students with disabilities unless new medical information is obtained and an additional GEH or ARD/IEP meeting is held.
We hope you find the LPISD homebound program beneficial for your child. Please contact the Homebound Instruction Department or your child's counselor if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Homebound Instructor
Nancy Ojeda: General/Special Education  
LPISD Homebound Department Office Phone:  281-604-7710