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Grading Guidance for Students with Disabilities

Grading Guidance for Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities receive instruction in a variety of settings as determined by the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee. Each student with a disability must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that is properly developed, implemented and maintained in the least restrictive environment that is appropriate to meet the student’s educational needs. Students with disabilities will be graded in accordance with LPISD grading policies unless otherwise determined by an ARD committee. LPISD is committed to the development and implementation of grading procedures that result in equitable, accountable and effective grading practices for all students. Determination of curriculum accommodations and /or modifications and any recommended alternative grading options will be discussed at each ARD.
The district also recognizes the need for additional guidance regarding grading practices for students with disabilities, as consideration must be given to disability-related needs in determining appropriate grading options. The LPISD Grading Guidance for Students with Disabilities was created to provide guidance to teachers and parents in effective grading practices for students with disabilities resulting in grades that are data-driven, fair, and true measures of progress.
The district is committed to the consistent implementation, review and monitoring of these grading practices, and will continue to make revisions and improvements as warranted. We believe that these practices will result in grades, which will reflect and communicate to students, parents, and teachers real measures of student learning.
If you have any questions with regard to the information in this document, please call Special Programs at 281-604-7032.