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Special Programs » Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS)

Positive Approach to Student Success (PASS)

PASS (Positive Approach to Student Success) is a program designed to provide behavioral support for students who are identified as eligible for Special Education services. Students who are experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties may be considered for PASS services by the ARD committee based on their disability, functional behavior assessment, response to previous intervention, and current levels of functioning.
The PASS program is founded on the belief that students benefit behaviorally from educational experiences within the mainstream setting and academically from participation in the general education curriculum. The function of PASS services is to target disruptive and inappropriate behaviors, identify replacement behaviors, and provide the opportunity for practice of appropriate behaviors across school settings. The PASS program implements an intensive monitoring schedule to allow for students with behavioral difficulties to participate as fully as possible in the general education environment.

The PASS program is implemented in three phases whose lengths are determined individually according to student progress. Progression through the phases proceeds from a brief period of self-contained instruction in pro-social replacement behaviors to full inclusion with individually determined levels of monitoring, support, and social skills instruction from the PASS Specialist.
During Phase I, the orientation or reorientation period, the student receives intensive social skills training in the PASS classroom, which is a self-contained setting. Time spent in the PASS classroom is divided between behavioral/social skills training and academics.
During Phase II, the monitoring phase, the student gradually begins attending "OUT" classes. "OUT" classes are the general education classes that the student is scheduled to attend.
During Phase III, the maintenance phase, the student is attending all scheduled classes in the mainstream environment. The PASS Specialist and/or paraprofessional continues to use the PASS monitoring system to track the student's progress in the "OUT" classes.

The monitoring system provides the PASS student and the general education teacher a simple procedure for regulating behavior during class and allows the PASS Specialist to monitor the student without interrupting the classroom.
The PASS Specialist instructs the PASS student and the general education teacher on the monitoring system before the PASS student enters the general classroom.
The monitoring code for PASS is as follows:
Green - PASS student is demonstrating appropriate behavior
Yellow - Warning; PASS student's behavior is requiring attention and redirection
Red - Alert; PASS student is unable to maintain appropriate classroom behavior and needs to be removed from classroom for intervention
Code procedure is as follows:
A student begins each class period on GREEN. Whenever a student violates any of the selected behaviors, the teacher changes the monitoring symbol to YELLOW. When the PASS Specialist/Paraprofessional observes the YELLOW code, the PASS student is signaled out into the hall for a personal conference. If the PASS student is able to get back on track, he/she returns to class and the monitoring symbol is returned to GREEN. If the student is unable to get back on track or escalates the inappropriate behavior, the color will be changed to RED. When the PASS Specialist/Paraprofessional observes the RED code, the PASS student is removed from class for an intervention. The student's return to the general classroom will be determined by his/her behavior after the removal from class. Once the student is behaving appropriately and has identified and practiced appropriate replacement behaviors, he/she may return to the general classroom. Appropriate consequences for the inappropriate behavior will be administered by the PASS specialist and campus administrators.

PASS Classrooms for La Porte ISD are currently housed at Jennie Reid Elementary, Rizzuto Elementary, Baker 6th Grade Center, La Porte Junior High, and La Porte High School.
Any questions regarding LPISD's PASS Program may be directed to Jennifer Upshaw, District Behavior Specialist. She may be contacted via email at