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Special Programs » Continuum of Special Education Services

Continuum of Special Education Services

Inclusion Support

Offered in designated core academic areas and consists of a special education teacher and/or paraprofessional consulting with the general education teacher to assist in the implementation of individualized education programs and/or instructional accommodations within the general education classroom and TEKS curriculum.


Co-Teacher Support

Co-teach support is offered in designated core academic areas. In co-teach classes, the general and special education teachers jointly provide instructional services and accommodations to students placed with in the general education classroom. The special education student remains in the general education classroom and is instructed in the general curriculum (TEKS) with their remainder of the class. Co-teach classes provide the ongoing, daily support that these students require to be successful while allowing them to benefit from participation in the general education curriculum.



Resource is a pullout service deliver model offered in the student’s specific area of education need. Student placed in resource are working on specific education al goals and objectives developed by the ARD/IEP committee based upon the student’s individual needs. Usually student who require this intervention are unable to successfully participate in the general education curriculum at grade level without significant support due to severe learning difficulties. Resource intervention allows these students to progress through the curriculum at their own level with specialized instruction.


Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Services (formerly PPCD)

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) refers to the services provided by La Porte ISD, not to the place where they are provided.  Eligible children may receive ECSE  services a variety of settings. Some children ages 3 through 5 with qualifying disabilities require intense intervention in a self-contained classroom with a smaller staff/student ration to focus on the areas of communication, academic readiness, self-help, gross and fine motor, and/or social skills. This class often referred to as PPCD provides daily instruction by a special education teacher. Students may participate inclusively in Pre-K or Kindergarten classrooms, depending on what is appropriate for each child.



Focus On Communication and Understanding of Skills (Academic, Behavior and Social). Formerly known as Life Skills – Program which provides services for students with significant disabilities who require a functional curriculum in a primarily self-contained setting. However, it is vital to maximize opportunities for inclusion (specials/electives, lunch, assemblies, etc.).



Social, Academic and Interpersonal Learning (formerly SILC) – Program which provides services for students with Autism Spectrum disorders or significant social communication difficulties. These students may fully participate in inclusive settings, or may be self-contained for portions of the school day.



Behavior Support Program using principles of PASS (Positive Approach to Student Success); students MUST have a Behavior Intervention Plan (which has been implemented with fidelity). These students may fully participate in inclusive settings, or may be self-contained for portions of the school day.