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Community Flyers

La Porte ISD Guidelines for Approval of Flyers and Other Printed Materials
The La Porte ISD Communications Office is responsible for reviewing and approving flyers and printed materials from external groups or organizations.
Acceptable Flyers and Other Materials
Flyers for posting on bulletin boards and/or distribution to students must adhere to the “Limitations on Content” as outlined in LPISD Board Policy GKDA (Local).
External groups or organizations must adhere to the District’s guidelines for requesting approval for public or student access of materials as follows:
  • Flyers or other materials shall be posted or distributed only if they originate from a non-profit organization, a municipality located within the boundaries of La Porte ISD, or an institution of higher learning located in Texas.
  • Nonprofit organizations must provide documentation of their official 501(c) (3) status each year. A copy will be kept on file.
  • A copy of the flyer/material must be submitted to the Communications Office for consideration of approval. Copies may be faxed to 281-604-7010 or e-mailed to
  • All flyers/materials must have the following disclaimer printed at the bottom of the flyer in BOLD, CAPITAL letters. This disclaimer should be in a font size of 12 point or larger:
Nonprofit organizations should also include the statement " [Organization Name] is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization. This flyer is not an endorsement by La Porte ISD."  
Materials shall include the name of the person or organization sponsoring the distribution.
Approval Process
The Communications Office must approve all flyers from external groups or organizations for posting or distribution to students.
  • Materials will be approved or rejected within two school days of the time they were received. A signed approval form will be returned to requestors whose flyers have been approved.
  • Organizations are responsible for distributing flyers or other materials, along with a copy of the signed approval form, to each campus for which the flyers are intended. Flyers must be bundled for each classroom in groups of 25.
  • Each campus principal shall designate times, locations, and means by which nonschool literature that is appropriate for distribution, as provided in district policy, may be made available or distributed to students or others at the principal’s campus.