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Mission statement

The mission of the La Porte Independent School District Bilingual Program is to identify English Language Learners (ELL) and provide the student, teacher and parent a research based, consistent instructional framework which complies with state and federal guidelines and which prepares ELL students to graduate from high school empowered to make choices about their life and career paths.
Bilingual Programs

Grades PK-6

Bilingual Education is an instructional delivery model, offered in grades Pre-K through 5 for students whose native language is other than English and who need to develop English proficiency skills. The bilingual program gives these students access to the curriculum through content area instruction in the native language (Spanish) while acquiring English language proficiency through English as a Second Language methodology. Bilingual education is supported by educational research on the education of limited English proficient students. This research shows that strong bilingual programs and bilingualism promote academic success. Bilingual students benefit cognitively, educationally, socially and economically from participation in the program.

  • Traditional Bilingual Program (one-way bilingual program model). In this bilingual program model, students who are identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) receive primary (native) language instruction for concept development while acquiring English. In this educational approach the Spanish and English language have equal value and status in the teaching and learning process. English instruction increases annually through grade 3. Students who entered the bilingual program prior to 3rd grade, progress into a pre-exit phase of the program during grades 4-5. While maintaining introduction or reinforcement of concepts in the primary language (Spanish), this phase of the program emphasizes English instruction. This bilingual program model is available at selected elementary campuses.
  • Dual Language or Two-Way Bilingual/Enrichment Program In this bilingual program model a combination of LEP(limited English proficient) and non LEP (students proficient in English) students are taught together in an effort to develop full bilingualism and biliteracy for both groups. Instruction follows a 50/50 model with each language group learning to read in their respective primary language while acquiring language skills in the second language. Each grade level cohort has an ESL and a bilingual certified teacher. The first dual language program in LPISD was implemented in 1996 at Rizzuto Elementary and continues to be available at that campus.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Grades PK-12

English as a Second Language is an intensive program of English instruction in all subjects with a focus on language arts - listening, speaking, reading, and writing- by teachers certified in ESL methodology. This program is offered to students whose native language is other than English and who need to develop their English language skills in order to ensure academic success. ESL is also a component of all bilingual programs. In these programs ESL is usually taught by a bilingual classroom teacher who is certified ESL. In the dual language cohorts, there is an ESL teacher who coteaches with the bilingual teacher. ESL instruction is offered at all LPISD schools.