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La Porte Jr. High students qualify for Houston science fair

Various community and industry members judged the student projects in January. Judging at the Houston fair will take place on February 22 and 23, with the awards ceremony happening on March 2.


1st - Ginevieve Gibson-Drew; “Which Milk Creates the Most Durable Casein Plastic?”

2nd (tie) – Mallory Cavel, “Natural Teeth Whiteners” Jenna Leslie, “Breaking Down Bubblegum”

3rd – Alisyn Couch, “Burning Softly”


1st - Jack Bilski, “Baseball Through the Air”

2nd – Stephen Ward, “Suit + Water = Speed”

3rd (tie) – Cameron Castillo, “Barefoot or Not?” Lindsay Pohl, “What is the Fastest Swimming Stroke?”


1st – Emily Chapa, “Gender Equality in the Classroom”

2nd - Monica Gaitan, “Tape Testing”

3rd (team) - Anthony Olvera and Julio Osuna, “Light or Dark”


1st – Parker Stewart, “Plant Growth Post Wildfire”

2nd - Isabella Baca, “Will it stay Fresh?”

3rd - Kylah Baker, “Homemade vs. Store-bought”


La Porte Junior High students are no strangers to the Houston event. Sara Adnane, who was an eighth-grader at the time, took home the 2018 top prize and eventually won the statewide science fair.

Veronica DeLeon and Shawn Oliphint are science teachers and the sponsors of the annual campus science fair.


Feature photo: Eighth-grader Emily Chapa presents her first place project on Gender Equality that will go to
the Houston Science and Engineering Fair.

Second photo: Stephen Ward, eighth-grader at La Porte Junior presents his second-place physics project on Swimsuits and Water.