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James H. Baker historians advance to Lee College competition

Lucas Long and Blake Schneider won first and second place, respectively, in the web page competition. Lucas’ project was “Almost Forgotten: Triumphs and Tragedies of the Korean,” and Blake’s project was “Mercury Mining: A Lethal Shortcut.”

Mason Mansfield earned first place in the individual exhibit category with “The Trail of Tears: Pathway of Persecution,” with Alexandros Molina placing second with “Chernobyl: The Nuclear Nightmare.”

In the group exhibit competition, Kara Nava and Kalyssa Aguilar earned first place with “Helen Keller.” Ethan Miller and Corbin Martinez placed second with “The Great Chicago Fire: The Conflagration that Burned It All.”

Others who placed in the campus contest were Lillian Woolard, third in web page, “First Organ Transplant: Medical Triumph of Personal Tragedy”; Cooper Dickens and Kayla Dickens, third in group exhibit, “The Great Fire of London”; and Shannon Godwin and Isabella Gonzalez, fourth in group exhibit, “The Great Depression: A Dirty Situation Gets a Good Cleaning.”

In the individual exhibit competition, the three-way tie for third place included Lilli Loretta LaFosse, Noah Finnen and Daniel Gracia.  Lilli’s project was “Alice Paul: Women’s Rights Advocate,” while Noah did his project on “The Transcontinental Railroad” and Daniel Gracia on “The Great London Fire.”

Fourth place in the individual exhibit category went to Colton Blake, “The Battle of Midway”; Braeden Terry, “D-Day, The Beginning of the End of War in Europe”; Payton Gilliam, “What Lies Beneath . . .Spanish Influenza”; Floyd Keandre Harmonson, “Bigotry: Finding Tolerance: The Civil Rights Movement”; Gabriel Montemayor, “Battle of the Alamo”; Noah Balboa, “The First Battle of Bull Run;” Olivia Stanley, “The Great Depression”; and Ty Harville, “The Texas Revolution: A Brutal Battle that Led to Texas Independence.”