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Safety and security enhancements under way at La Porte High School

At the Nov. 1 called meeting of the La Porte ISD Board of Trustees, the Board and Administration listened to concerns from several parents related to campus security at La Porte High School. 

During the public comments portion of the meeting, four parents spoke regarding their concerns following the altercation that occurred at the campus on Oct. 25.  The Board then went into closed session for discussion with district and campus administrators. 

Following closed session, Superintendent Lloyd W. Graham spoke to those in attendance, describing several additional steps that will be taken to improve safety and security at La Porte High School. 

Graham assured parents that their concerns had been heard and outlined changes that will take place.   

Because construction has impacted the flow of student traffic from outlying areas of the campus, beginning Monday, Nov. 7, the bell schedule will be changed to allow 10 minutes between classes. This step will provide ample time for students to walk from one class to another and decrease the number of students in the halls after the bells have rung. The homeroom class will be eliminated as part of the revised schedule. 

Also, two security officers will be added to La Porte High School, joining the two school resource officers from the La Porte Police Department and two security officers who are already at the campus. The office of David Knowles, LPISD director of safety and security, will be moved to La Porte High School for the duration of the construction period, and Danette Tilley, executive director of secondary education, will have an increased presence at the campus as well. 

Graham told attendees that the district was conducting a complete examination of the events that led up to the recent situation and encouraged parents who have concerns to continue to communicate with campus and district administrators.